This year, we invite you to join others all over the country in a year-long creative endeavor to spread the love for the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Celebrate 50 years of Grace Children's Hospital in Haiti by raising funds to ensure its bright future for another 50 years of ministry--and many more!

We challenge you to create 50 of your own ways that you can help: your personal 50for50

* Cycle 50 miles and take pledges for each mile you ride
* Host a fancy dinner and charge $50 a ticket (try to get 50 attendees!)
* Knit 50 scarves, sell them, and donate the proceeds
* Organize a garage sale with a goal of selling 50 items
* Challenge 50 friends and family members to each make a donation
* Invite 50 friends to join us on Facebook
There is no end to the creative possibilities, and all age groups can get involved. Create your own project, or get a group together to take the challenge on as a team! As long as you have a compassion to help others, your 50for50 will celebrate Grace Children's Hospital's success and show that you are all part of its future!

Learn more about International Child Care and Grace Children’s Hospital at

And follow along with our campaign on our Facebook ( and Twitter pages (@icc_usa).